CleanDNS Inc. Joins the eco Association

CleanDNS Inc. Joins the eco Association

As a new member of the eco Association, the technology company CleanDNS Inc. is committed to a durable, stable digital ecosystem, and its expertise will contribute intensively to the Association’s work toward that goal. Digital ecosystems are complex, dynamic, interconnected networks, and they necessitate strong technology partners across corporate boundaries. CleanDNS brings a fresh and effective approach to mitigating domain name abuse and inhibiting bad actors. Members like CleanDNS can ensure success for economic actors and the future viability of Europe as a digital location.

“Decentralization has amplified the need to rein in domain name abuse and curtail opportunities for bad actors,” observes Chad Los Schumacher, Chief Operations Officer of CleanDNS. “Our standardized, streamlined method of abuse remediation will enable mutually beneficial relationships throughout the industry. We see tremendous potential to find industry partners who share our vision of cleaning up the internet for good.” Through its eco membership, in particular the topDNS initiative, the company also wants to enter into a constructive dialogue with European policy makers in order to actively help shape the future of the internet. “We recognize the urgency to create a safer, cleaner internet: it’s what drives our mission,” says Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Bedser. “Eco gives us a rich opportunity to partner our knowledge and strategies with the scope and reach of policy makers across Europe.”

“We are pleased to have CleanDNS Inc. on board as a new member company,” says Alexander Rabe, Managing Director of eco. “A sustainably functioning digital ecosystem can only be created through the meaningful interaction of all actors. Together, we have the opportunity to bring the digital transformation to a new, ambitious, strategic level. The eco Association is the ideal platform for this.”

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