CleanDNS for Registrars

Failure to act and shut down DNS abusers could be costing you money. It could also draw the scorn of policy makers, industry watchdogs, civil lawsuits, and risk non-compliance with ICANN contracts.

The stakes are high: Make DNS abuse mitigation a priority

The hue and cry of public and private authorities against Internet abuse is gaining steam. CleanDNS monitors the Internet and DNS ecosystems to help registrars defend against malicious activities that threaten DNS infrastructures. These can include malware installation, C2 communications, botnets, network mapping, credential theft, pharming and spam. The CleanDNS Platform automates evidence-based DNS abuse reporting from trusted notifiers. We then provide experienced analysts to identify, report, and accelerate DNS abuse takedowns to mitigate your risk of penalties and liability exposure.

Whether you fully outsource your DNS abuse tracking and reporting to CleanDNS or just use our platform for data, CleanDNS will help facilitate a safer domain name system by standardizing and streamlining the abuse remediation process. We help our registrar clients detect, report, and root out DNS abuses, and we ensure that our clients can meet regulatory and ICANN compliance requirements.

By mitigating liability and agency pressures, registrars are not only able to create a better, safer Internet, but increase their margins and profitability by taking advantage of registry incentives and rebates.

How CleanDNS Helps Registrars Shut Down Malicious Attacks

Domain / DNS Threat Data Evaluation

CleanDNS’s expert analysts evaluate the nature of the abuse through collected evidence from DNS, registration, screenshots, and third-party sources as well as the context of the report.

Rapid Response and Mitigation

We don’t just report DNS abuses and move on. CleanDNS notifies, monitors for a response, and confirms proper mitigation measures were put in place. Our managed notification process helps registrars minimize abuse uptime.

Detailed Reporting

CleanDNS dashboards vividly depict key data points and charts to accurately describe zone health and progress. We shine a light on bad actors abusing DNS infrastructure so measures can be taken to enforce better behavior and vigilance.

Standardized Processes

CleanDNS facilitates a safer domain name system by standardizing and streamlining abuse remediation. Our uniform process takes the burden off your team.

Qualify for Incentives

CleanDNS helps registrars meet KPI/QPI goals that reward responsive DNS management that curtails abuse. We help you maximize rebates and avoid registry penalties.

A Proven Approach to Peace of Mind

CleanDNS guarantees ICANN compliance and mitigates liability.

Case management system keeps data, documentation, and communications organized and accessible.

Uncover additional patterns of abuse, strengthening notification and mitigation efforts.

Seamless integration with your operations. DNS abuse is tracked and reported in as little as 24 hours.

User-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive history and view of identified abuse activities.

Detailed metrics evaluate abuse mitigation including volume, responsiveness, and performance.


“CleanDNS allows our team to focus on our core competencies by helping us augment abuse management and compliance obligations.”

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    Early detection of abuse patterns can stop malicious attacks via DNS and command and control (C2) activities. That's why it is critical that DNS traffic be monitored for threat protection.

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