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Fully Managed

Trained analysts enforce your anti-abuse policies to match any ICANN, government, or other such requirements.

Trusted and constantly growing Reporter Network with High Quality, Evidenced Reports

Get reports from cybersecurity companies, CERTs, telco’s, carriers and others not included in blocklists

Abuse intake form

Place a customizable abuse intake form onto your site that requires reporters to provide evidence to aid faster takedowns

Managed abuse inbox

Have an analyst take over your inbox for inbound abuse reports and get those reports standardized in the platform

API integration included

Get access to abuse reports, case data, statistics, and more via an API call

Evidence Engine

Every abuse report undergoes an evidencing process to gather and analyze as much data as possible to create as many actionable reports as possible

Unique data and advanced investigation tools

Basic evidentiary tools

ICANN Report Compliance

Get reports that satisfy ICANN compliance requirements

Human review of literally everything, if you want

Have analysts review every report, every domain, or anything else taking place in your zone

Responsive team to address spikes in abuse and mitigation of any other domains

Analysts respond to spikes of abuse and proactively address domains that match any patterns involved

Access to major blocklists

Get access to blocklists like abuse.ch, APWG, Spamhaus, SURBL, and more

Included for portfolios under 200K domains

Periodic reports and briefings of abuse activity in zone and across industry

Integrated into major backend providers

Add or remove holds on domains directly from our platform

Case Manager Built In

No need to switch between an abuse platform and a CRM – do everything in one platform

Handle abuse in bulk

Easily identify and mitigate patterns of abuse across multiple domains

Pivot on evidenced abuses

Take one report and determine how many other domains may be related

Included access to AI, ML, and other advanced features as they’re available

Take advantage of cutting edge features

Modular Dashboards

Customize and export numerous reports filtered by date, entity, TLD, or most any data point

Access Novel Data Sources

Get access to raw spam messages and SMishes evidenced into abuse reports

DNS Abuse Focused Brand Monitoring

Do more than look for your trademark in a string. Find your brand in the URI of abuse reports, text of snapshots, and more.


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