​Join us in Cleaning Up the Internet for Good

​Actionable, affordable, streamlined abuse management and online harm mitigation. Working with industry, cybersecurity, and governments to streamline online harm remediation.

Creating a Better, Safer Internet

CleanDNS's affordable online harm mitigation solution simplifies abuse management, supports contractual compliance, removes bad actors, and roots out online harms for good. By facilitating early detection of harms, CleanDNS assists with detecting sources of abuse to disrupt, shut down, and prevent further spread.

Developed by a team of cybersecurity and investigative professionals who recognized the critical need for a systemized, customizable process to mitigate and manage online harms and DNS abuse, CleanDNS is working with DNS and website infrastructure entities to report, evidence, and mitigate DNS abuse and online harms. We partner with industry providers, cybersecurity organizations, researchers, governments, and more to streamline remediation by integrating with our clients to root out abuse for good.

CleanDNS reduces friction and streamlines communication throughout the mitigation and disruption process with our evidence-based model. Get started today and learn how our abuse management solution can help report, detect, and root out online harms and DNS abuse for good.

How CleanDNS Works


CleanDNS reduces friction and streamlines communication throughout the mitigation and disruption process with our evidence-based escalation model.


Diverse Data Sources

CleanDNS collects and validates data from reputable abuse data sources including top domain abuse feeds, cybersecurity companies, non-profits, individual researchers, as well as our own novel sources and Trusted Reporters. Learn more about our wide range of diverse data sources.

Streamlined Escalation Process

We work with your team to recommend or enforce new and pre-existing policies and thresholds for abuse management. Learn more about our streamlined escalation, messaging, and holds processes.

Rapid Action & Mitigation

CleanDNS can intervene on your behalf to mitigate abusive domains swiftly. Each case is escalated based upon policies and evidentiary thresholds set forth by the client, with a streamlined and efficient workflow for rapid action. In addition, CleanDNS’s bulk tools allow action to be taken on thousands of domains at once, as a way to quickly and easily document and act on large numbers of abusive domains.

Interface for Compliance

Built to address compliance and policy requirements as well as your organization’s needs, CleanDNS provide critical metrics to your domain abuse program’s effectiveness including volume, responsiveness, and performance. CleanDNS offers solutions for gTLDs, ccTLDs, registrars, hosting and infrastructure providers, and more.

Security and Trust

CleanDNS is both SOC 2 Type II compliant and GDPR compliant. These achievements indicates that our handling and processing of customers’ data meets key security standards, and further validates our commitment to the highest standards of security and compliance. We are committed to maintaining trust, security, and compliance on our mission of cleaning up the Internet for good. For further security and compliance information, users can visit our Trust Center and request a copy of our SOC 2 report.

Customizable Offerings and Seamless Transition

CleanDNS offers fully-customizable use offerings unique to your organization’s needs, from entirely self-service, to hybrid service, to entirely full-service. CleanDNS makes it simple it seamless to transition and integrate into an existing system.


Support & Guidance

The team at CleanDNS is here to help you with all your questions, policies, issues and inquiries. Our dedicated team of #Disruptors is committed to providing the best service, and hopes you join us in Cleaning Up the Internet for Good.

Cleaning Up the Internet Shouldn’t Clean Out Your Budget

Let CleanDNS fully manage your abuse requirements and address additional online harms all for a price unique to your organization’s needs and DUM. View our pricing page for further information on our affordable, actionable, streamlined solution.

Who We Help

DNS and Infrastructure Companies

Get standardized data about online harms happening within your portfolio in a single platform supported by an ever-growing data set, an easy-to-use user interface and API, and a dedicated team that wants to help your organization address your challenges.

Cybersecurity Companies

Our Reporter Program allows those that detect harms to report them for mitigation via the CleanDNS API. The API is bi-directional, providing updates to statuses and report resolution. This program is available to any entities detect harms and are willing to submit evidenced, actionable reports.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves


Number of abuse reports CleanDNS received per minute


Percent of domains flagged as abusive to CleanDNS were validated, evidenced, and reported for remediation


The percent of abusive domains escalated to the registrar and registrants were actioned by CleanDNS


Top Level Domains protected


Millions of domains monitored


Accuracy in policy enforcement