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Creating a Better, Safer Internet

CleanDNS was developed by a team of cyber security and investigative professionals who recognized the critical need for a systemized, customizable process to rein in domain name abuse. As bad actors continue to multiply and modify their domain abuse tactics, registries and registrars need a better way to identify, track, and report abuse activity. 

The CleanDNS platform’s evidence abuse reporting simplifies and accelerates mitigation procedures. By facilitating early detection of abuse, CleanDNS assists with detecting likely sources of abuse and helps our clients slow, shut down, and counter their spread.

The CleanDNS platform’s domain abuse monitoring and case management capabilities are wholly flexible. They can be operated entirely by your team, be supplemented by support from CleanDNS’s expert analysts, or completely managed by CleanDNS on your behalf, saving your organization time and money on internal resources.

CleanDNS makes life easier for registries and registrars

  • Our proprietary platform keeps you informed with regularly scheduled updates to discuss and address DNS abuse in an effective and timely manner.
  • User-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive history and view of identified abuse activities and analyst evaluation records’ measurements.
  • CleanDNS can be tailored to integrate with your anti-abuse operations.
  • For a 360° solution, CleanDNS can establish rules and structured processes for clients who are without a policy-driven approach to mitigating DNS abuse. We take managing DNS abuse off your hands for total peace of mind.

CleanDNS facilitates a safer domain name system by standardizing and streamlining abuse remediation

  • CleanDNS helps registries stay compliant with ICANN Registry Agreement Specification 11.3b by tracking required measurement and reporting
  • CleanDNS helps registrars qualify for incentive programs such as the Public Interest Registry’s Quality Program Index, which ultimately helps improve registrar margins
  • Early detection of abuse patterns helps identify sources and counter their proliferation.


Top Level Domains Protected


Domains Protected


Accuracy Rate

48 hrs

Targeted Time from Report to Suspension


Jeffrey Bedser
Chief Executive Officer
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Jeff Bedser is a technical security and investigations professional whose driving principle is to clean up the Internet to make it a safer environment for creativity, commerce, and privacy. After working in the pharmaceutical and banking industries, Jeff began his entrepreneurial pursuits in 1997 when the convergence of technology and the advent of the Internet led to a subsequent boom in cybercrime. Since then, he has been responsible for undertaking thousands of monitoring and investigations efforts, in addition to multiple successful multinational law enforcement operations.

As Internet-driven scams and crimes have proliferated and become more egregious, Jeff launched CleanDNS to help Internet registries and registrars crack down on bad actors.

Away from his desk, Jeff is passionate about his volunteerism helping smaller entities fight cybercrime. He has belonged to a multitude of internet governance organizations, including: ICANN SSAC, Internet Governance Forum, topDNS eco, DNS Abuse Institute, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network – Program Contract Group, and the APTLD – Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association. In addition, his expertise has assisted multiple community access networks. Jeff graduated from Rutgers College of Rutgers University with a bachelor’s in history and holds multiple certifications and industry recognitions.

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Chad Los Schumacher
Chief Operations Officer
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Chad Los Schumacher is an experienced intelligence and DNS investigation professional. He has helped banks, hedge funds, pharmaceutical companies, media conglomerates and others investigate, solve and defuse malicious DNS attacks and fraud activities. Chad began his career in intelligence investigations with iThreat where he specialized in DNS and fraud investigations. He contributed to the development of the iThreat Fusion Center platform.

Chad earned a master’s of science in applied intelligence from Mercyhurst University, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Saint Leo University. In addition to his role as COO of CleanDNS, he is often sought out to help train corporate, government, and law enforcement information and technology professionals. His topics focus on the basics of threat activities via DNS, the dark web, and other corners of the Internet.

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“Identity Digital’s partnership with CleanDNS has allowed us to greatly streamline our abuse management approach. CleanDNS has provided us with a one-stop-shop for our abuse management needs centered on evidence-based escalation, and transparent and auditable actions.”

Alan Woods Director, Compliance & Policy, Identity Digital Inc

“CleanDNS allows our team to focus on our core competencies by helping us augment abuse management and compliance obligations.”

CleanDNS’s work has granted us a peace-of-mind. Their management of our abuse program and compliance requirements has allowed us to focus on growth of our zones in a manner that is healthy and keeps the Internet safe.”

Aaron Grego CEO

“CleanDNS’ passion for creating a safer domain name system while providing organizational efficiency for its clients is a benefit to the whole of our industry. They do not stop at merely keeping you compliant but are able to customize abuse mitigation strategies specific to your goals.

Andrew Merriam Vice President of Business Development


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CleanDNS Aims to Clean Up the Internet For Good
Evidence equals better DNS abuse mitigation

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