Get results on your reports of abuse and online harms

Our Reporter Program allows those that detect harms to report them for mitigation via the CleanDNS API. The API is bi-directional, providing updates to statuses and report resolution. This program is available to any entities that detect harms and are willing to submit evidenced, actionable reports.

Cybersecurity companies, non-profits, governments, and individuals send reports to CleanDNS to mitigate online harms quickly and efficiently

Push Reports to Our API

Integrate our API into your detection and mitigation process. All reports are trackable for resolution status.

Check Your Status

Query our API to track the status of your report.

Free & Easy

There are no fees for this service! Simply send us an inquiry and samples of your reports. After review and sandbox integration, you can get started in production almost immediately.

More Technical Details

Trusted Reporters gain access to CleanDNS’s abuse reporting API, which is generally three endpoints:

  • GET /abuse/clients – Returns a list of the TLDs, Registrars, and Resellers who make up our active clientele
  • POST /abuse/report  – User submits one or more abuse reports as a JSON document, returns the abuseRecord IDs (_id) for their submissions
  • GET /abuse/status/:id – User submits an abuseRecord._id and receives a status report for any cases created from that abuse record

There is a trial period in a sandbox environment, during which the new Reporters learns how to send properly formed abuse reports, and can test the /abuse/status/:id endpoint. Once the Reporter understands the API, we promote them to the production environment.

CleanDNS values well-evidenced reports, which generally have the following information:

  • A specific URL (not only a domain name) where abuse is taking place.
  • A timestamp of the earliest detection of the abuse.
  • Corroborating evidence of the abuse (usually in the form of an attached screenshot, either via a URL to an image-sharing service, or as embedded base64 encoded data).
  • Auxiliary details (e.g. the spoofed entity of a phish, the hashes and/or name of malware, email body and headers of a spam message).

Reporters can take pride in knowing they are helping Clean Up the Internet for Good, and can enumerate the specific domain takedowns or other abuse mitigations that they are responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you resell our data?

Not explicitly. Reports on domains that are sent to CleanDNS, are integrated into the CleanDNS engine, and are then used to enforce policy by or on behalf of our clients.

Why is this service free?

CleanDNS is obligated to take reports on behalf of our infrastructure clients. Reports sent via email are not standardized and lack structure which takes additional time to process. By offering a simple and free API that structures reports, CleanDNS is able to automate the processes involved in evaluating, acting, and mitigating harms, reducing victimization.

How do you use the data submitted in a report?

Reports submitted to CleanDNS are used for enforcing policy against a domain when it is used for an abusive purpose.

Does this require an NDA or contract?

No. However, if your entity would like one, we can discuss in more detail.

How do we start?

Contact us via our form and we will reach out for the information we need to get started.