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​Working with industry, cybersecurity, and governments to streamline online harm remediation.

Creating a Better, Safer Internet

CleanDNS's affordable online harm mitigation solution simplifies abuse management, ensures contractual compliance, removes bad actors, and roots out online harms for good. By facilitating early detection of harms, CleanDNS assists with detecting sources of abuse to disrupt, shut down, and prevent further spread.

CleanDNS was developed by a team of cybersecurity and investigative professionals who recognized the critical need for a systemized, customizable process to mitigate and manage online harms and DNS abuse. With an affordable, actionable approach to rooting out online harms and streamlining abuse management, CleanDNS is on a mission to clean up the Internet for good.

CleanDNS simplifies abuse management and ensures compliance capability with contractual obligations related to abuse reports. With an evidence-based actionable approach, supported by a team of expert analysts, CleanDNS is your solution to managing reported online harms, minimizing victimization, and ensuring compliance.

How CleanDNS Works


Utilizing our evidence-based workflow and philosophy, CleanDNS creates actionable reports that speed up mitigation. What was previously done with emails, inconsistent standards, tedious spreadsheets and lack of precision, is now a comprehensive, simple-to-use case management tool that facilitates the response, tracking, and migration of reported abuse.

Diverse Data Sources

CleanDNS collects data from reputable abuse data sources including top domain abuse feeds, cybersecurity companies, non-profits, individual researchers, and our own novel sources.

Analyst Verification

Expert CleanDNS analysts evaluate the nature of the abuse, collect evidence from places like DNS, registration, documented observation of harmful activities, and third-party sources to build a case. Our investigative support uncovers additional patterns of abuse.

Evidence-based Approach

CleanDNS enhances abuse records with an evidence-based workflow to create actionable reports. Domains are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Rapid Action & Mitigation

Each case is escalated based upon policies and evidentiary thresholds set forth by the client. Customizable email templates help streamline this process and automated follow ups are sent until an appropriate action is taken. If the responsible party fails to take action, CleanDNS will intervene to mitigate the harm on your behalf by integrating with your backend to swiftly place a hold status on the harmful domain.

Performance & Insight

Dashboards within the CleanDNS platform provide critical metrics to your domain abuse program’s effectiveness including volume, responsiveness, and performance.

Support & Guidance

CleanDNS is here to help you with all your questions, policies, issues and inquiries. We are committed to providing you with the best service and are available to assist you in any way we can.

Who We Help

DNS and Infrastructure Companies

Get standardized data about online harms happening within your portfolio in a single platform supported by an ever-growing data set, an easy-to-use user interface and API, and a dedicated team that wants to help your organization address your challenges.

Cybersecurity Companies

Our Reporter Program allows those that detect harms to report them for mitigation via the CleanDNS API. The API is bi-directional, providing updates to statuses and report resolution. This program is available to any entities detect harms and are willing to submit evidenced, actionable reports.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves


Number of abuse reports CleanDNS received per minute


Percent of domains flagged as abusive to CleanDNS were validated, evidenced, and reported for remediation


The percent of abusive domains escalated to the registrar and registrants were actioned by CleanDNS


Top Level Domains protected


Millions of domains monitored


Accuracy in policy enforcement