CleanDNS Aims to Clean Up the Internet For Good

Amidst the growing threat of bad actors online, CleanDNS is creating a safer, cleaner internet.

April 20, 2022 — Recognizing the persistent need to rein in domain name abuse, a team of cyber security and investigative professionals developed CleanDNS. The CleanDNS platform is a domain abuse monitoring and case management tool that simplifies abuse reporting and accelerates the mitigation process. The systemized, customizable process helps clients inhibit bad actors, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, limit liability, and grow profit margins. 

CleanDNS does this using an end-to-end tracking process that detects abuse, creates evidence-based reports, tracks responses, and assures clients that the violators have been taken down. Their proprietary platform keeps clients informed and provides crucial early detection of abuse. Expert analysts identify and monitor evidence, strengthening notification and mitigation efforts. The effect is a standardized, streamlined approach to abuse remediation.

Chad Los Schumacher, Chief Operations Officer, feels their success lies in their method. “Bad actors abound on the internet; they are prolific because tracking and stopping them can be such an unwieldy process. But it doesn’t have to be. We have taken previously inconsistent and imprecise methods of reporting and simplified the process to utilize our evidence-based workflow to create actionable reports that speed up mitigation.”

This responsive approach is seen on their customer interface as well: the CleanDNS platform is wholly flexible. The monitoring and case management capabilities can be operated entirely by the client’s team, be supplemented by support from CleanDNS’s expert analysts, or completely managed by CleanDNS, saving time and money on internal resources. “On the one hand, we are tenacious about fighting abuse; on the other hand, we are accessible and adaptive with our clients,” says Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Bedser. “We have a user-friendly dashboard, live experts, and easy onboarding. We make life easy for our clients, but difficult for the bad actors.”

For both Registries and Registrars, CleanDNS takes a protective and proven approach to managing the security of domain name systems. For issues of abuse remediation, compliance, or liability, CleanDNS is a trusted partner. To learn more about the CleanDNS platform and schedule a free demo, please contact us.