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Better Abuse Reports, Easier and Faster Action

NetBeacon addresses the industry-wide need for a simplified, standardized, and streamlined abuse reporting service. The new reporting service was launched by the DNS Abuse Institute, and developed utilizing CleanDNS’s evidence-based workflow for domain abuse reporting.

DNS Abuse Can Now Be Reported by Anyone

Reporting DNS abuse shouldn’t be difficult, technical, or tedious. Often, it is not hard to spot a bad actor when it is compromising your email inbox. NetBeacon aims to create an easy DNS abuse reporting service so that anyone can report malicious Internet activity.

Harmful Internet activities that can be reported:

  • Malware
  • Botnets
  • Phishing
  • Spam

NetBeacon will collect standardized reports of DNS Abuse, enrich them with useful information for registrars, and route reports through the appropriate channels. Each report will include fields for the domain in question, the type of abuse, a description of abuse, date of abuse, and any additional evidence.

Good for Registrars – Good for Internet Safety

NetBeacon not only helps registrar partners effectively address DNS Abuse on the back-end—it also provides an opportunity to publicly illustrate a commitment to a safer Internet for all users.

More about CleanDNS – Creating a Better, Safer Internet

CleanDNS was developed by a team of cyber security and investigative professionals who recognized the critical need for a systemized process to rein in domain name abuse and shorten the life cycle of domains used for abuse. The CleanDNS platform utilizes an evidence-based workflow that simplifies and accelerates domain abuse mitigation procedures. By facilitating early detection of abuse, CleanDNS assists with detecting likely sources of abuse with tools and processes to effectively mitigate abuse.

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