CleanDNS Snapshots: CENTR Tech Jamboree 2024

Online Harm Best Practices: Framework for Tackling Online Abuse within ccTLDs

Article publication date: 6 June 2024.

Last week, CleanDNS attended the CENTR tech jamboree in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year’s jamboree marked the first time CENTR has extended an invitation for outside participants to submit presentation proposals. Our team was honored to be granted a 45-minute presentation slot on the 29th of May, where CleanDNS Director of Governmental Engagement & Internet Abuse Mitigation, Chris Lewis-Evans and CleanDNS General Counsel Alan Woods discussed Online Harms Best Practices: Framework for Tackling Online Abuse within ccTLDs.

In the ccTLD community there are very understandable differences in approaches to abuse management, meaning common ground for starting to tackle abuse, and outlining the appropriate party’s approach is vital. During the presentation, we discussed the ins and outs of Online Abuse, from evidencing abuse, to where abuse can be disrupted, the need for transparency in taking action, the appropriate parties for taking action at the appropriate time, and more.

During the conversations and workshops at CENTR, our team was encouraged to see that a good number of ccTLDs would strive to embrace additional guidance to play a role in abuse disruption, where appropriate and permitted. As we discussed, although ccTLDs face a unique set of challenges, there are areas of synergy in which ccTLDs have an opportunity to challenge the status quo and do more to address abuse.

In short, the mantra of the conversations had while in Copenhagen can be summed up in the opening slide from the .dk team’s presentation, stating WE MUST all do more to combat abuse.  This motto, in conjunction with the support from many ccTLDs seeking a way to address abuse in an appropriate way, but lacking the framework to do so, shows the necessity of these conversations in creating a framework for ccTLDs to address abuse. We hope that in operating by the pillars of evidence, action equated with proximity to harm, avoiding collateral damage, and transparency in action, ccTLDs will feel empowered to challenge the status quo and determine the appropriate approach to tackling abuse.

Throughout the jamboree our team thoroughly enjoyed the open and frank conversations that were had, as well as the informative and engaging sessions, and as always, the beautiful city of Copenhagen. We were honored to be given the opportunity to present at CENTR and hope to return in the future to further facilitate these necessary conversations.