CleanDNS Year in Review

Thank you for your support in our mission of Cleaning Up the Internet for Good. We would like to take a moment to appreciate the progress and accomplishments our team, clients, Trusted Reporters, and more have made together in the past year, and look forward to all that is to come in 2024.

A note from our CEO

How was your 2023? There are few times in one’s career when you can say “I am doing all of this for the right reasons.” There are fewer times when you can say, “everything we are choosing to do makes the internet a safer place for everyone. Well, I’m here to tell you that I this is how I feel, and this is what I say and do every day since creating what would eventually become CleanDNS in 2019.
What a year 2023 was!  As you will see below our team (one of the best in the industry) shares this passion for this mission via our activities:

  • Public Policy and Government engagement for the DNS
  • Engagement with Online Harm detectors and reporters
  • Direct engagements at all levels of the DNS stack to furthering the mission to “Clean up the internet for good!”
  • Enhanced and improved the automated evidencing and validations processes.
  • Broadening international outreach.

Our pipeline of new efforts within our mission is growing by the month, and we continue to be excited by the new clients and partners joining our efforts. We are extremely proud of what we do and want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts, and as always, for joining us in Cleaning Up the Internet for Good.

2023 Abuse Analytics

TLDs Monitored

Domains Monitored

Abuse Reports Received

56% of the domains flagged as abusive to CleanDNS were validated, evidenced, and reported for remediation.

CleanDNS has a 99.85% accuracy in policy enforcement

80% of the abusive domains escalated to the registrar and registrants were actioned by CleanDNS

Highlights of 2023

Check out a snapshot of the year’s highlights below and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up-to-date throughout the year.

25+ fully integrated Trusted Reporters

We welcomed Trusted Reporters from all around the world to our team in 2023, adding to our robust stream of abuse reports from diverse sources.

9 new CleanDNS team members

We are thrilled to have expanded our team in 2023 with additional hardworking and passionate team members, dedicated to cleaning up the Internet for good.

15+ industry articles and speaking engagements

The past year was full of innovative collaborations and articles including our white paper in partnership with Freename on mitigating harms in Web3, our ongoing partner article series with CentralNic, and many additional articles published by the team at CleanDNS.

21+ industry events attended by CleanDNS

Our team attended, spoke at, and sponsored a wide range of industry events during 2023. Check out the map* below with spotlighted locations where CleanDNS had an impact in 2023.


Upcoming in 2024

  • APTLD85 sponsorship and day of discussion – February, Goa, India
  • ICANN79 sponsorship – March, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Multi-language integration within CleanDNS
  • Sinkholes, new reporter portals, abuse compliance support, hosting support
  • Platform updates and innovations

Join us in 2024

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*Note: Information shown on the map above has been compiled from numerous sources and simplified for visual graphic purposes; this map represents only the approximate relative location of  boundaries.