Our anti-phishing bot that performs Automated Look at Images Containing Evildoing

ALICE is your built-in, included at no extra charge analyst designed to quickly identify and escalate phishing reports to cases for rapid remediation

Designed to act as a force multiplier, ALICE attempts to capture evidence of phishing reports by gathering a screenshot of reported abusive URLs when CleanDNS did not receive evidence. It does this by using a proprietary solution that attempts various combinations of locations and simulated browsers to capture the data. Upon successful capture, the output is searched by our ever-growing list of entities for matching targets and then automatically escalates them to a case for review and rapid escalation.

Key Features of ALICE

All the ways that ALICE can help address phishing in your portfolio

Able to evidence approximately 8 out of 10 phishing reports received

Cuts down drastically on inaction due to lack of evidence or inability to verify

Ever expanding entity database

As ALICE learns of new entities to recognize in text, it is able to escalate more reports for additional action

Included at no extra charge for all CleanDNS subscribers

As part of our resolve to clean up the Internet for good, all CleanDNS clients have ALICE enabled on their portfolio by default


Put ALICE to work on your portfolio today

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