Take Action in Bulk

Don't act on one abuse report or domain at a time - take action against dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of abusive domains at once

Abuse can happen in large groups or multiple reports from single domain - with CleanDNS you can act on all of them at once.

Traditional tools and approaches address reports and domains one at a time. With CleanDNS, it is possible to take action on thousands of domains at once based upon reports from any number of sources. CleanDNS's bulk tools allow for escalation from our Actors Explorer or as an import from a custom source as a way to quickly and easily document and act on abusive domains.

From a handful to thousands, CleanDNS' bulk tools can help with rapid mitigation

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Aggregate reports across different sources

CleanDNS can import and aggregate a large number of abusive domains from various sources, including user reports, threat intelligence feeds, and more in an efficient and effective manner

Automated lookups to verify accuracy

Before taking action, CleanDNS performs automated domain lookups, gathering essential information about each domain to ensure accurate and well documented action. This includes DNS information, WHOIS records, IP addresses, and screenshots.

Simplifying the one-to-many relationship

The tool bundles all the domains into CleanDNS's built in case management system, allowing security and legal teams to efficiently manage and investigate them. Each case is assigned a unique identifier for tracking purposes.

Keeps your actions documented and transparent

The tool maintains audit trails for you contractual and regulatory compliance needs as well as for your own internal reviews, ensuring full transparency and accountability.


Quickly and easily address domain name abuse and harms in your portfolio today

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